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Much better than the Beyonce version. (via)

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Here’s a video preview of the iTunes LP for Beady Eye’s Different Gear, Still Speeding. It looks like “Man of Misery,” an unreleased Oasis track, will be available as a bonus track. I’m excited to hear a proper version of this song, but still find it funny no one has called Liam on this after he bagged on Noel for intending to use left over Oasis songs for his upcoming solo album. Let us not forget, “The Roller” is an Oasis track from Heathen Chemistry written by Gem.

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Radiohead – Lotus Flower

The new album is available for purchase right now. Although I really like the above song, I am fairly underwhelmed by the album as a whole after one listen.

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I’ve seen a bunch of shows already this year, some good, some bad. In the last two weeks or so it’s been the openers that have impressed me more than the headliners. Here are three bands you should show up early to see when they come to your town:

Young Prisms

I saw these guys open for The Radio Dept and I really liked their hazey/shoegazey sound. Their debut album, Friends For Now, is out now on Kanine Records.
See Also: Young Prisms | Daytrotter Session

No Joy

No Joy opened up the Best Coast / Wavves show last week at the 9:30 and were my favorite band on the bill. Be sure to check out their album Ghost Blonde.
See also: No Joy | Daytrotter Session


I saw Braids on Friday opening for Baths and was smitten by their sound, a cross between High Places quirky rhythms and Glasser’s vocals. Their debut album, Native Speaker, is out now, also on Kanine Records.
See also: Braids | Daytrotter Session

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Very excited to see Little Dragon on Saturday at the Black Cat. Empire Ants, which is sung by Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano, was my favorite song on the last Gorillaz album. This LD track, My Step, has been on my heavy rotation on my iPhone.

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After watching the above video this morning, and also getting a hard copy of Chris Klimek’s 5th annual Magickal Ho-Ho Bag holiday mixtape at last night’s DCist holiday party, I am officially ready to do the damn thing as far as the holidays go.

And fret not if you aren’t on the shortlist for Klimek’s mixtape, you can stream it at the link above.  Check it out!

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This video for Get Me / Make A Killin isn’t as awesome as his Nuthin’ But A Hero joint, but new Tabi Bonney is always welcome around these parts.

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I missed this while I was out of the country on vacation, but Michael Rapaport (yes, THAT Michael Rapaport) is about to release a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest entitled Beats, Rhymes & Life which will look into the group’s history and recent tension between Q-Tip and Phife Dawg. Q-Tip recently took to Twitter to voice his displeasure with the film, which features footage of intense arguments between the group’s two front men. Can’t wait to see this!

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I really enjoyed J. Freedom du Lac’s oral history of The Beatles first US show here in D.C. from today’s Washington Post.

The band were forced to play in the round so the venue could sell an extra 1,500 tickets. Ticket price? $2.50. And Al Gore was in attendance! He was a teenager.

Quoth Macca:

That was the first time we’d ever played in the round. We said: “Do we have to do it?” “Yeah. We’ve sold tickets everywhere. You’ll have to turn around.” How the hell are we doing to do that? “Well, just do a few numbers east then shuffle around north. Then do a few numbers north and shuffle around west.” We said: “What’s Ringo doing to do?” He had to shuffle the kit around himself.

The idea that we had our backs and sides to three-fourths of the audience at any point of the show was awkward. We were used to getting them and holding them — paying attention to them and having them pay attention to us. There were a few things we did once with the Beatles, and playing in the round in Washington was one of them. I don’t think I’ve done the in-the-round thing ever since.

iTunes is streaming the 1964 concert if you feel like checking it out. It’s pretty amazing.

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*Jumps up and down with excitement*

Buffalo Tom will release Skins on February 15th via Scrawny Records! Stereogum has a sample MP3!

Buffalo Tom was the band I probably saw the most times when I was in college. 10 or 12 times, easy. Obviously they haven’t toured much lately, but I did see them play an amazing show at the Black Cat back in 2008.

Check out this setlist from a show last month in NYC:

Guilty Girls
Larry (for Billy Ruane)
Arise. Watch
She’s Not Your Thing
You’ll Never Catch Him
Kitchen Door
Taillights (kicked off with a few bars of Cortez the Killer)
Frozen Lake
Late @ Night
unidentified cover

Grab the MP3’s of the show over at NY Taper.

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