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Moving The Goalposts

Mr. Pink, Hard Drive Guardian

Today is the eighth birthday of this here blog, which is kind of incredible when you think about it. I certainly didn’t think this thing would last this long.

But this will be the last birthday I celebrate here. As much as I hate to admit it, I just don’t have time (or energy) to sit down and write like I used to.  Information Leafblower started as a music blog in based in NYC and then became a documentary about how my life fell apart and the steps I took to piece it all back together and eventually thrive here in Washington, D.C. It’s an incredible time capsule and I’ll keep it online and read it over every once in a while. I hope you will too.

A few favorite posts from off the top of my head:

Sea Ray saves music for me
My cat Jarvis dies and people leave me the most amazing comments
Going to Detroit for Grambo’s 30th bday & finally meeting the Whatevs crew
Bill Simmons is a big fan of the Leafblower
Naming Mr. Pink
I get Gilbert Arenas to rate his swag
Underworld at V Fest

Thanks to everyone that passed through my little corner of the interwebs these last 8 years. In the future I’ll still be posting regularly on my photo site as well as occasionally posting about Morrissey and the Celtics on my Tumblr. And there’s always Twitter and Facebook.



  1. Kirstie says: April 21, 20112:17 pm

    Is it Mr. Pink that convinced you? Cats will always want more attention, you know! Well, sometimes it’s best to take a break then come back when life isn’t so hectic. If a blog is too stressful, it’s not serving the purpose it should, right?

  2. redboy says: April 21, 20112:19 pm

    happy birthday to the leafblower. totally understand where you’re coming from – perhaps one day you’ll find the time to pick it up again. if so, i look forward to it. if not, eight years is a hell of a run! congrats again brutha!

  3. Gorilla says: April 21, 20112:39 pm

    Leaf forever!

  4. BradAlmanac says: April 21, 20112:57 pm

    Cheers and farewell to the Leafblower, Kyle. You were one of the first music blogs I started reading (and one of the few I kept on reading). I definitely understand (and share, actually) your reasons for putting it to bed, but be sure I’ll be following along on Twitter/Facebook/WhateverComesNext. See you around the tubes.

  5. Drew says: April 21, 20113:44 pm

    Great stuff, man! Always enjoyed your blog and photogging (at least you’re keeping that up, right?). Cheers and all the best.

  6. infoleaf says: April 21, 20114:12 pm

    The photography is what is keeping me from writing! I’m definitely continuing with that, so no worries.

  7. Uncle Grambo says: April 21, 20115:25 pm

    Dude! I’m so glad we started reading each other’s blogs way back in the day, but even more glad that we became IRL friends one wintry eve in 2004 and, seven years later, we’re still buds.

    Congrats on a tremendous run, looking forward to seeing you at my wedding (if not sooner).


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