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Al Gore Was At The Beatles First US Show In D.C.

I really enjoyed J. Freedom du Lac’s oral history of The Beatles first US show here in D.C. from today’s Washington Post.

The band were forced to play in the round so the venue could sell an extra 1,500 tickets. Ticket price? $2.50. And Al Gore was in attendance! He was a teenager.

Quoth Macca:

That was the first time we’d ever played in the round. We said: “Do we have to do it?” “Yeah. We’ve sold tickets everywhere. You’ll have to turn around.” How the hell are we doing to do that? “Well, just do a few numbers east then shuffle around north. Then do a few numbers north and shuffle around west.” We said: “What’s Ringo doing to do?” He had to shuffle the kit around himself.

The idea that we had our backs and sides to three-fourths of the audience at any point of the show was awkward. We were used to getting them and holding them — paying attention to them and having them pay attention to us. There were a few things we did once with the Beatles, and playing in the round in Washington was one of them. I don’t think I’ve done the in-the-round thing ever since.

iTunes is streaming the 1964 concert if you feel like checking it out. It’s pretty amazing.

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