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My 15 Favorite Morrissey Songs

1) Your Gonna Ned Someone On Your Side – And here I am / and here I am / Well you don’t need to look so pleased
2) Jack The Ripper – Crash into my arms / I want to / You don’t agree / but you don’t refuse
3) Break Up The Family – I’m so glad to grow older / to move away from those awful times / I want to see all of my friends tonight
4) Disappointed – Don’t talk to me, no / About people who are “nice” / ‘Cause I have spent my WHOLE LIFE / in RUINS / Because of people who are “nice”
5) It’s Hard To Walk Tall When You’re Small – I attack from the back / Because it’s easy / And I can assail / While wearing very nice jewellery
6) Do Your Best And Don’t Worry – Compare the best of their days / with the worst of their days / you wont win
7) The Loop – I just wanna say / I haven’t been away, oh / I am still right here / Where I always was
8) The National Front Disco – There’s a country / You don’t live there / But one day you would like to.
9) The Never Played Symphonies – Black sky in the daytime / And I don’t much mind dying / When there is nothing left / To care for anymore / Just the never laid / The never played symphonies
10) Reader Meet Author – You dont know a thing about their lives / They live where you wouldnt dare to drive / You shake as you think of how they sleep / But you write as if you all lie side by side
11) The Last of the Famous International Playboys – And now in my cell / Well, I followed you / And here’s a list of who I slew / Reggie Kray – do you know my name ? / Oh, don’t say you don’t / Please say you do / oh oh oh oh
12) Sunny – So I offered love / And it was not required / Oh, what else can I do ? / What else can I do ?
13) Hold Onto Your Friends – Give up your job / squander your cash / be rash / Just hold onto your friends
14) In The Future When All’s Well – Armed with wealth and / The best of health / In the future when all’s well
15) Seasick, Yet Still Docked – Tonight I’ve consumed much more than I can hold / Oh, this is very clear to you / And you can tell I have never really loved / You can tell, by the way, I sleep all day

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