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Happy Birthday To Me! (Blog Edition)

My little slice of the internet is six years old today. Hard to believe, I know. At times over the last year I’ve felt entirely burnt out on the whole operation, but recently I have learned to enjoy it again. The leafblower is very much a labor of love, and it’s changed and adapted right along with me over the last six years.
Thanks to everyone that stops by and reads what I have to say (and to those of you that just come for the cat photos – you know who you are).
I was scrolling through my iTunes collection last night trying to pick out a few appropriate tunes to post here, and since I don’t have Mansun’s Six anywhere handy, I decided to go go old school with a nod to my roots from the North Cackalack.
[mp3] Archers of Loaf | Nostalgia
[mp3] The Connells | Stone Cold Yesterday

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