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Green Apple Festival Recap (Flaming Lips, DJ Spooky and more)

Honestly I was too busy running around taking photos to write up yesterday’s free concert on the mall. So instead I will point you to Josh’s Washington Post review, Dave’s Flaming Lips review from Post Rock and Amanda’s excellent (and spot on) recap on DCist.
As for the Lips, they were a tad underwhelming. After opening with “Race For The Prize” they played slowed down versions of their next three or four songs and lost any momentum they had. Long pauses in between songs, etc. It wasn’t until the last bit of the set that the audience got the sturm and drang they had been waiting all day for. But when the Lips decided to turn it up a notch, they were spectacular.
Also, I got to chat a bit with Wayne backstage. Nicest guy ever. Answered every question asked of him and was just generating good vibes everywhere he went. Respect.
DJ Spooky-1583
DJ Spooky’s set got cut short, which was a shame, because he was killing it mixing Radiohead, Jimi Hendrix and MLK Jr. into one big mash-up. Sadly, moe got a full set. It was 35 minutes but seemed three times longer. Ugh.
I was on assignment for Washingtonian, so head over there to see my photos from yesterday.

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