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All sorts of stuff going on tonight, I don’t even know where to begin.
I think the plan is to head to the Black Cat for the Glasvegas / Ida Maria show in the mainstage and then either head downstairs around 11 for Say Hi at the backstage or walk down to Bar Pilar to catch the Duke game. Should be a fun night either way.
I’ve been spreading most of my Dookiness around on my Facebook and Twitter accounts (ACC Tourney champs, bitches!) in an effort to 1) spare all of you and 2) rub it in the faces of all of my UNC loving high school friends.
Tonight’s game v. Villanova should be a great game. On one hand, ‘Nova is the exact type of team that gives Duke problems – quick on the perimeter with tons of great shooters – but on the other hand, they aren’t THAT different from Texas, and we handled them just fine. “Nova’s big guy is better, but hopefully Lance Thomas and Brian Zoubek can contain him. My whole thing in the postseason has been if Nolan Smith plays well, we’ll be fine. So far so good.
And as much as I hate the guy, you have to feel sorry for Greg Paulus. He’s been jerked around royally this year and is basically out of the rotation at this point. Would love to know what exactly he did to get so far in the doghouse. Can’t see him getting much burn against the quick backcourt of ‘Nova.
Oh, and how great is it that UCONN IS A BUNCH OF FUCKING CHEATERS. Best.
Lastly, and on a completely different note, big ups to my boy Coolfer, who shut his blog down this week due to his new job at Billboard Magazine. Seems like only five and a half years ago that we were talking while on our way home from seeing Stephen Malkmus at the Prospect Park bandshell and I mentioned to Glenn that I had started a blog. He said he was thinking of starting one as well and I gave him a spare copy of Macworld that had a big feature on the three different blog platforms of the day (Blogger, Typepad and Livejournal). Man, how times have changed. Congrats to Glenn! He’s worked long and hard at this blogging thing and there is no one more deserving. Hopefully he can change the machine from the inside out.

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