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I found this pretty funny. My twitter feed wasn’t too bad yesterday, hopefully it stays that way.
Truth be told I considered going to SXSW this year, but by the time I checked for flights they were $600. Plus, I would probably go insane not watching the first weekend of the NCAA Tourney. I think I’ll do all of my networking in Chicago in July.
Luckily, there are plenty of great shows around town this weekend and beyond that will keep my busy.
Pree w/ Meredith Bragg & Birdlips @ Black cat.
Pree is the new group from May Tabol (formerly of Le Loup). I’ve heard good things and I’ve never seen Meredith Bragg, so it sounds like the opportune time to go test out my new toy.
[mp3] Pree | In the Parlour
The Ting Tings @ 9:30 Club
Not a huge fan of the record, but I bet they’re fun live. But I’ll probably end up at the bar watching basketball.
Watching basketball.
Bloc Party @ 9:30 Club
Obvs. I interviewed bassist Gordon Moakes for DCist.
Cut Copy w/ Matt and Kim @ 9:30 Club
Somehow I have never seen either of these acts. V. much looking forward to this show.
White Lies w/ Friendly Fires & Softpack @ Black Cat
Apparently White Lies are all the rage in the UK. We’ll see.
A glorious night off.
Glasvegas @ Ida Maria @ Black Cat (mainstage)
Say Hi @ Black Cat (Backstage)
Can’t believe I have to choose between these two shows. I wish Say Hi could just get added to the Glasvegas bill.
Primal Scream @ 9:30 Club
Should I wear my KILL ALL HIPPIES t-shirt or my PRML SCRM MTHR FCKR t-shirt to this show? Could not be more excited to see these guys.
Middle Distance Runner w/ Eulogies & Payola Reserve @ Iota
Haven’t seen the MDR crew in ages, so I am determined to make this show. Checkout MDR’s awesome new video!
Whew. And it doesn’t stop from there. Lots of great stuff in April.

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