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Madness! Love it.

What I am assuming is the cover for the new Super Furry Animals album, which is being released today! Details below.
Super Furry Animals brand new album Dark Days/Light Years will be performed in its entirety on Monday March 16th, at Noon PST/3pm EST/8pm UK time in an exclusive ‘once only screening’ gigcast hosted at superfurry.com filmed in conjunction with MusicBox, Cardiff, and graduate filmmakers from Central St Martins College, London.
The album is available to buy immediately as a download from the start of the gig on Monday!
Full Tracklisting for Dark Days/Light Years as follows:
1. Crazy Naked Girls.
2. Mt.
3. Moped Eyes.
4. Inaugural Trams.
5. Inconvenience.
6. Cardiff In The Sun.
7. The Very Best Of Neil Diamond.
8. Helium Hearts.
9. White Socks / Flip Flops.
10. Where Do You Wanna Go?
11. Lliwiau Llachar.
12. Pric.
[MP3] Super Furry Animals | Inaugural Trams

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