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I Interviewed Bloc Party

I interviewed bassist Gordon Moakes (not pictured) in advance of their show at the 9:30 Club on Sunday. Some excerpts:
So the new record, Intimacy. It was co-produced by “Jacknife” Lee and Paul Epworth. You’ve worked with each of them in the past. How do you get a cohesive sound out of two different producers?
For us, in terms of a cohesive record, we were hoping for the best really, but we wanted two separate elements. It was kind of part of the idea to have two different producers to work on two completely different ends of the record and trust in them that it would come together and not sound disjointed. And I think it worked in that sense.
This record has a more electronic sound. Is that something you worked on prior to entering the studio or was that something that came about while you were recording?
It was a blueprint, in a way, for the record. The main thing being on a certain number of songs (lead singer and songwriter) Kele wanted to not write in a traditional way–you know, instruments in a room, turn up and play–but actually building that from scratch with software on a computer. We found actually that the two do complement each other, that there were times when we did need a live drum sound. But we were approaching music slightly differently for us. To not think of a band in a room playing music. You have to strike a balance. If we approached a whole record like that, then you are in danger of losing that spark of what we are as a band, collectively. The ideas come when we play together, so you don’t want to lose all of that organic quality.
Go read the full interview over at DCist.

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