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Dark Days / Light Years: Two and a Half Listen Review

Darkdays-lightyearsweb.jpgSheer brilliance!
I had no idea what to expect from the new Super Furry Animals album. Would it be wandering and unfocused with occasional moments of clarity like LoveKraft? Would it be powerfully poppy but ultimately a bit shallow like Hey Venus!? Actually it appears that the Furries took the best elements of their last two records and combined them.
DD/LY is very psychedelic at times, but the band never loses focus on the sugary pop that they do best. “Cardiff In The Sun,” their love letter to their home town is as epic and moving as anything they’ve ever done. “Inaugural Trams” is one of the best singles they’ve ever released. Yesterday Lane Brown rightfully asked “Have Super Furry Animals Written the Definitive Krautrock Song About Railcars?” A rhetorical question for sure, because the answer is obviously YES. I can’t think of another band that can write such a catchy tune about the monumental progress that a new integrated transport hub brings, much less make lyrics like “I will design a town in the image of your face / Around the wrinkles of your eyes my footsteps you can trace” sound so sincere.
Bunf contributes the best song he’s ever written with “White Socks/ Flip Flops” (Well, he sings it so I assume he wrote it). It sound like a glorious b-side from Tusk, or an album from that era. The song’s chorus is “Switch it off and start again,” advice the Furries seem to have taken to heart this time around.
Also, there is a song called “The Very Best of Neil Diamond” that has a tabla on it. Bonus.
Hear me now, believe me tomorrow, this is one of the best albums you are going to hear this year. When it’s all said and done, this album will be regarded as one of the band’s best.
The physical album won’t be out until April, but you can head over to Superfurry.com and buy the MP3s right now.

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