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[Concert Review] Glasvegas @ Black Cat

Last time was the second time I have seen Glasvegas in DC and I have come away with the same feeling both times. I really like the album, but as far as the live show goes, there is just something about it that’s a bit off. The band and their show both seem a bit contrived. I get that they think they are big rock stars and that they play to 3000+ each night in the UK, but if that’s the case, they should totally own a gig at a cozy place like the Black Cat, but they didn’t even come close last night. Thinking you deserve it is one thing, showing you deserve it is another. The band has attitude to spare but the songs (especially the lyrics) just don’t hold up. Opening the set with “Geraldine” was a ballsy move, but it backfired on them because James Allan’s vocals sounded very rough (and that’s me being kind). He ultimately got it together about halfway through the set (“Flowers and Football Tops” sounded much better), but it wasn’t enough to salvage the gig in my mind. I’ve seen plenty of sold out shows at the Black Cat, but this was one of the least exciting. But not as bad as this.
Last night turned out to be a bummer all the way around since Duke crashed and burned against Villanova. I DVR’ed the game and will go back and watch it later (caught most of the second half before they cut away to watch Mizzou shoot free throws) and will offer my thoughts then.
No rest for the weary tonight. Primal Scream at the 9:30 Club! The Scream have long been one of my favorite bands and I am super excited for this show. I fully expect my face to be melted off by “Shoot Speed (Kill Light)” or “Swastika Eyes.” The set from their L.A. gig looks incredible. The club is running a two-for-one special on tickets, so there is no excuse not to come!

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