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[Lists] My Favorite Albums of 2008

Q-Tip | The Renaissance
Basically a Tribe record without Phife. Ali might as well be on here because all of the tracks produced by Tip sound just like Tribe. That said, I love Tribe.
The Dodos | Visiter
I really love the percussion on this record, all snare rims and toms. They were enthralling live, which really opened the record up for me past “Fools” and “Jody”. I cannot get enough of the toy piano in “Red and Purple”.
[MP3] The Dodos | Red and Purple
Ra Ra Riot | WOXY Lounge Act
Honestly I was a little disappointed in the production on The Rhumb Line, but that’s probably because I absolutely wore out the eight songs RRR recorded for this radio session. It has this frenetic, vibrant vibe that is missing from the actual record. Highly recommended.
[MP3] Ra Ra Raiot | Run My Mouth Off (live on WOXY)
[MP3] Ra Ra Raiot | Oh La (live on WOXY)
Lykke Li | Youth Novels
Sleeper of the year. No doubt we’ll still be talking about her plenty in ’09.
Oasis | Dig Out Your Soul
I fucking love this record, nevermind the critics. I must have listened to “Shock of the Lightning” at least 200 times this year. This isn’t exactly the record they should have made instead of Be Here Now, but it’s the direction they should have gone in. A good producer makes all the difference. Hat tip to you, Dave Sardy.
Glasvegas | Glasvegas [Explicit]
Other than “Geraldine” and one or two others, the lyrics on this record are basically recycled nursery rhymes (and total shite), but the tunes are there. The wall of sound is back.
The Whigs | Mission Control
I immediately fell in love with this record when I finally gave it a try. It’s full of bouncy, earnest rock, the kind that just doesn’t seem to get made these days. This was in constant rotation on my iPod at the start of 2008.
[MP3] The Whigs | Right Hand on My Heart
Portishead | Third
This thing sounds like a fucking nightmare, and I mean that as a compliment. Took me a while to get my head around it, but the payoff was worth it.
Elbow | The Seldom Seen Kid
Been a big fan of Guy Harvey and Co. for a while now and it’s nice to see them get some sort of payoff for all of their hardwork. They’re the non-evil version of Coldplay. If there was any justice in the world, they’d be just as big.
[MP3] Elbow | Mirrorball
The Big Sleep | Sleep Forever
Remember in the early 2000’s when …Trail of Dead were tapped as the next Sonic Youth (before they decided they’d rather go prog and fail miserably at becoming the next Rush)? The Big Sleep do. They just kick ass and leave the rest of that other stuff to the other bands.
[MP3] The Big Sleep | Pinkies
[MP3] The Big Sleep | Bad Blood
Worst Albums of the Year
The Ting Tings | We Started Nothing
Was this crap recorded at cheerleading camp? It gives me a headache. Could not think of a more apt title.
Travis | Ode to J. Smith
They deveated from their formula and finally made a bad record. Maybe they just needed to get this out of their system?
My Morning Jacket | Evil Urges
Some quality tracks on here, but overall, not up to snuff.
The Verve | Forth
Total and complete shite. Unquestionably the year’s biggest disappointment and a total disaster. It pains me to listen to this album. The real Captain Rock would never sing about fucking latte’s. Such a waste. But I’d go see them live in heartbeat.
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