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R.E.M.’s Accelerate Is Apparently Going To Be Pretty Good

At least, so says Editors lead singer Tom Smith. Here’s a snippet of the interview I conducted with him yesterday.
I’ve also read that you personally are a big R.E.M. fan and last year the band recorded a great cover of “Orange Crush.” How do rate their more recent records? I used to be a huge fan but they’ve lost me with the last few albums.
The first records are the records that I continue to listen to. I’m still intrigued by new R.E.M. material. I still think there are moments of greatness on all of their records, but I was disappointed by the last record. But I still listen to New Adventures In Hi-Fi quite a bit.
That is by far their most underrated record.
It’s too long and there are too many songs on it but as far as ideas go, there are some great songs on there. It’s a record they wrote and recorded on the road, which is quite an accomplishment. But yeah, they’ve had a bit of a shake up and now their recording with Jacknife Lee.
I think they needed things turned on its head. I’ve heard half of the record and it sounds like they’re having fun. A lot of fun. And it sounds loud as well. I’ve only heard it once and it hasn’t really sunk in yet, but yeah, I think they’re doing the right thing.
Head over to DCist early next week for the entire interview.
Editors are on currently on tour here in the States. They hit the 9:30 Club next Tuesday.
[mp3] Editors | Orange Crush
[mp3] R.E.M. | Just A Touch (live in the studio)
[mp3] R.E.M. | Crush With Eyeliner (live on T.V.)

  1. Glenn says: January 11, 20082:54 pm

    I’m going to see the Editors tomorrow night…the first time I will have seen them. Looking forward to it. They’re playing a big, slicked up (typically) country venue in downtown Nashville. That should be quite interesting.

  2. Jerad says: January 11, 20089:18 pm

    Having fun and rocking – that seems to be the buzz on Accelerate from anyone who’s heard bits of what they’re doing, although I think that this is the first time I’ve heard it from someone outside the band’s circle, record label, etc. I can’t wait to hear if they’re right.

  3. dumbek says: January 14, 20089:16 am

    The songs from the Dublin rehearsals sound very promising, but the track that was played on Anderson Cooper’s show a while back sounds like it would easily fit on “Around the Sun”. I agree with Jerad that it’s nice to hear something from outside the official R.E.M. camp. Very encouraging.

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