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[Lists] Concert Photos of the Year – 2007

Rueters has released their photos of the year. Pitchfork too.
Time for mine! Here are some of my favorite photos from my year in concerts.
Sidenote: The alternative title for this post was “I shot a shitload of bands this year.”

Superdrag-8279.jpg ACLDayThree-8379 DAM!Fest07-2398.jpg Damon Albarn Jay-Z-8507.jpg

My Chemical Romance VelvetRevolver-5345.jpg LCDSoundsystem-2236.jpg Whartscape-9081.jpg KolBRMC-0332.jpg

Ted Leo The Good, The Bad & The Queen The Hives VFest2007-1942.jpg Vfest2007-4898.jpg

Morrissey-4492.jpg ACLDayOne-6753.jpg Jay-Z-8513.jpg TheNational-9149.jpg

Bloc Party Whartscape-9629.jpg WuTang-4280.jpg Maroon5-2917.jpg

Morrissey ACLDayOne-7193.jpg Taking Back Sunday ACLDayTwo-8197.jpg

H.I.M. Travis-7793.jpg AmyWinehouse-1503.jpg ACLDayTwo-7789.jpg

TheseUnitedStates-5765.jpg MiddleDistanceRunner-6098.jpg TheNational-4378.jpg SilversunPickups-9777.jpg

Common Kenna-9621.jpg ThePipettes-9384.jpg IMG_4501.JPG

TheRosebuds-7627.jpg BeYourOwnPet-7037.jpg SilverSunPickups-5759.jpg The Bravery

Jet-6252.jpg Spoon@Sonar-4637.jpg TVotR-3700.jpg IMG_5479.JPG

ModestMouse-1-4.jpg Interpol-5281.jpg SnowPatrol-0674.jpg OKGo-0336.jpg

Bjork Whartscape-9085.jpg Incubus IMG_3879.JPG

Vfest2007-3441.jpg The Yeah Yeah Yeahs WuTang-5082.jpg ProjektRevolution-6372.jpg

GruffRhys-9711.jpg ACLDayThree-8938 Vfest2007-1-3.jpg Vfest2007-3723.jpg

MewBC-9348.jpg ACLDayThree-9197 MiddleDistanceRunner-5816.jpg NellyFurtado-3244.jpg

Row One:
Superdrag, Ben Kweller, Pela, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Jay-Z
Row Two:
My Chemical Romance, Velvet Revolver, LCD Soundsystem, Blood Baby, Kings of Leon
Row Three:
Ted Leo, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, The Hives, Peter Bjorn & John, Bad Brains
Row Four:
Morrissey, M.I.A., Jay-Z, The National
Row Five:
Bloc Party, Spank Rock, Wu-Tang Clan, Maroon 5
Row Six:
Morrissey, Bjork, Taking Back Sunday, The Arcade Fire
Row Seven:
H.I.M., Travis, Amy Winehouse, Andrew Bird
Row Eight:
These United States, Middle Distance Runner, The National, Silversun Pickups
Row Nine:
Common, Kenna, The Pipettes, Pela
Row Ten:
The Rosebuds, Be Your Own Pet, Silversun Pickups, The Bravery
Row Eleven:
Jet, Spoon, TV on the Radio, The Dance Party
Row Twelve:
Modest Mouse, Interpol, Snow Patrol, OK Go
Row Thirteen:
Bjork, Blood Baby, Incubus, These United States
Row Fourteen:
Spoon, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Wu-Tang Clan, Linkin Park
Row Fifteen:
Gruff Rhys, Wilco, Ben Harper, Panic! at the Disco
Row Sixteen:
Mew, The Decemberists, Middle Distance Runner, Nelly Furtado

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