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Agh! Almost Forgot!

When I was at the Black Cat on Monday I saw a poster for Buffalo Tom (nice site redesign BTW) on January 25th! John Stewart’s favorite band ever (mine too!) back in D.C.!!! Exclamation points abound!
I started jumping up and down I was so happy. People looked at me like I was weird. I did not care.
So effing excited for this show. I saw B Tom at least eight times in college. I hope they still got it.
Check out this recent setlist:
1. Gravity (bill, chris joins)
2. Butterscotch (chris, bill)
3. Porchlight (chris, bill)
4. My Responsibility (chris, bill)
5. Taillights (tom joins on bass)
6. You’ll Never Catch Him (acoustic band)
7. CC & Callas
8. 4th of July (Tanya Donelly joins)
9. Wiser
10. Scottish Windows (Tim)
11. Crutch (Tim)
12. Pendleton (Bill on piano)
13. Oh Sister (Hilken Mancini joins)
14. Good Girl (Hilken and Chris Toppin)
15. Spider and the Fly
1. Sodajerk
2. Kitchen Door
3. Frozen Lake
4. I’m Allowed
5. Bottom of the Rain
6. Late at Night
7. Tangerine
8. Hearts of Palm
9. Larry
10. Thrown (Tim)
Now I just have to track down my Let Me Come Over t shirt from 1992. It’s around here somewhere.

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  1. DCeiver says: November 15, 200712:35 am

    FWIW, I really enjoyed their newest record. I’m sure part of it was the nostalgia–but shit, I think it stands up.

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