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Photos: Voxtrot & The Little Ones

Two songs into Voxtrot‘s set Saturday night at the Black Cat lead singer Ramesh Srivastava told the crowd he was feeling unwell, so if the band was less than stellar that night, that was why. Turns out he wasn’t kidding. He had some sort of surgery after the band’s gig in Philly on Sunday and the band has had to cancel at least two shows in Canada this week, although Frank says all the Canadian dates are off. As for the show, yes, the band was a little off, but they gave it their all and they get nothing but respect for that.
For me, it was the openers that stole the show. Ms. Smith has been a fan of The Little Ones for a while now and I’m finally catching on. I saw them late last year at a museum in Orange County, CA and liked them, although they didn’t blow me away. That changed Saturday night. I guess it took a proper gig at a proper venue for everything to click. You know how I always say I love bands that do mainly verse-chorus-verse songs with a “do do do,” “la la la” or “woo woo woo” thrown in there at some point? The Little Ones generally do all three in most of their songs. Think of an American version of I Should Coco-era Supergrass. Tons of energy, lots of smiles on stage and plenty of chances to clap along with their songs. And it’s pretty impossible not to sing along with the “hey-oh”‘s in “Lovers Who Undercover.” I had a ball during their set.
[MP3] Voxtrot | The Start of Something
[MP3] Voxtrot | Trouble
[MP3] The Little Ones | Lovers Who Undercover (via MFR)
[MP3] The Little Ones | Face The Facts (via IA)

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  1. Glenn says: October 9, 20075:20 pm

    Great pics. The Little Ones are the happiest band I’ve ever seen, and you got some good pics of their big ol’ smiling faces.

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