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Leaf v. Agent Zero, Round Two

[SCENE] Wizards locker room, postgame. Agent Zero is surrounded by reporters with all sorts of mics and video cameras aimed at him. He’s discussing how he has to adjust to playing the Bulls and their hard nosed style of halfcourt defense and Caron Butler’s chances for the All Star game. He’s very serious and everyone’s hanging on his every word.
Cut to your intrepid reporter blogger, poised, waiting for his chance. There’s a slight pause, he goes for it.
Leaf: “Gil, how would rate your swag tonight?”
Gilbert Arenas: [laughs] “It was a mellow swag until the end.”
Leaf: “Is there a scale? Can you get better than phenomenal or is that the top?”
Gilbert Arenas: “No, phenomenal is the top. Phenomenal swag is the top swag.”
Leaf: “So mellow swag is in the middle?”
Gilbert Arenas: “Yeah, you’re just chilling.”
So there you have it. On a scale of, say, 1 to 5, Gil’s swag was about a three tonight. Caron Butler’s swag, however, reached phenomenal levels, thus the win for the Wiz. As time allows I’ll try and find out more about Gilbert’s swag scale. Stay tuned! My official DCist game recap should be online later today.
PS – Also had the chance to meet The Sport Bog in person last night. Agent Steinz is just as friendly as you’d expect.

  1. Jamie Mottram says: January 11, 20079:53 am

    Mellow swag, that’s phenomenal.

  2. Unsilent Majority says: January 11, 200711:02 am

    I told Dick Bavetta he had phenomenal swag…he looked confused.

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