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Wednesday Linkage

If you liked my official song of the summer by Teddybears last week, I have some more MP3’s for you:
[MP3] Teddybears – Cobrastyle ft. Mad Cobra
[MP3] Teddybears – Cobrastye (Diplo Remix)
[MP3] Teddybears – Punkrocker ft. Iggy Pop
[MP3] Teddybears – Punkrocker (Squeek E Clean Remix)
Listen to Gillian Welch’s cover of Radiohead’s (best. song. ever.) “Black Star.” Its brilliant. [via Coolfer]
New Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos demos.
Peep the cover art [kinda NSFW] for that remixed Paris Hilton CD courtesy Banksy.
Talib Kweli video Ecard.
Stream the video for Kweli’s “Listen” in Quicktime.
Watch the trailer for Sofia Coppola’s (widely panned) new movie Marie Antoinette. (Windoze Media)
Download a Scissor Sisters Podcast.
No alarms, No surprises. My vote would have been for Editors.
Oasis to re-record “Acquiesce.” Noel, what are you smoking? For serious.
Goldfrapp for NYC. Come to DC!
Speaking of coming to DC, enter to win a pair of tickets to the V Fest at Pimlico.
Apple Cell Phone Ready?
New 24 inch iMacs. Twenty…Four…inches. Wowee Zowee.

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  1. seeking irony says: September 6, 20065:27 pm

    check you out, digging a Swedish band…

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