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Four On The Floor

So, um, I bought a new camera before my trip to Utah. A film camera. A Lomo in fact. Here are some shots from the first roll of film I took in my Supersampler.
Leaf v. The Mountain
Chair Lift
Leaf v. Ms. Smith
I am very happy at the results, that middle pic is teh hottness, especially since I had the wrong type of film loaded(400 speed). I took another roll of 100 speed film which will should look better, but I have a few final snaps to take on that roll. Hopefully I’ll get those developed and uploaded sometime later in the week. Yes, this means your not done with my vacation photos yet.
Wow. I am totally fucking blushing over here. Your friendly neighborhood leafblower, endorsed by WOXY! Rock.
I guess I better make with the music then. Here is my new favorite song:
Goldfrapp | Oh La La (MP3) – This song is perfection. Although, it should be said, I hope the “Spirit In The Sky” people are getting some royalties for this rift liftage. As Damore might say, this song (and album) are ten shades of best.
My spies tell me that The National made sure to tell the crowd that they definitely, without a doubt, do not hate Washington DC when they came through town last week. I love it! Too bad they played a subpar show here, at least that’s what I’m hearing. Maybe I’ll catch them next time they come through town in 2009.
Moz turns down $5 million. Good for him, as much as I would love to see them.
The Chief v. The Mighty Mozzer. Speaking of Oasis, what the hell is up with this tour? I mean, why bother?
This, my friends, is a proper festival bill. Although this isn’t so bad. But no Mylo = no leafblower.
Radiohead UK tour dates.
Oh oh oh, me want! [via Chromewaves]
Interpol to Interscope? Nice redesign Coolfer!
Two more years of The Simpsons.
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Wait a minute, I thought Sheldon Williams was “The Landlord!” [via Deadspin]

  1. seeking irony says: March 21, 20062:06 pm

    nice photos. but what ever happened to that fish-eye camera you bought months ago?

  2. caleb hannan says: March 21, 20066:52 pm

    Never had seen the National before Black Cat last Wednesday so I’ve got no reference point, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT….they were awesome. That’s all you need to know.

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