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Fuck Ben Stiller!, originally uploaded by leafblower.

The reading last night was brilliant. BEE came out promptly at 7 p.m., said a few words and the started reading from Lunar Park. He read an early chapter where the BEE character in the book meets Clay. And then, responding to a bet a friend made him, he read the description of Teenage Pussy, the novel that the BEE character in Lunar Park was about to start writing. Anyone that has read LP will know how hilarious those few pages were. BEE said it was the first, and most likely last, time he had read that in public. He probably says that at every tour stop.
After he was done, we got to the Q&A session and near the end, I worked up enough bravado to ask him a question.
ilb: “Were you mad when Ben Stiller more or less appropriated the plot from Glamorama to make Zoolander?”
BEE: “Of course I was. I sued Ben Stiller.”
ilb: “Really? You did?”
BEE: “Yep.” Pause. “No, really I didn’t.” Another pause. “But I wanted to. Calls were made, but in the end there wasn’t a whole lot I could do.”
So best. Afterwards he started signing books and I almost didn’t ask him to hold up my sign, because he was very confrontational and agitated during the reading (and he was a strange shade of pink, methinks he was a little tipsy), but I mustered up the courage by the time I got up to him and broke the ice by asking him to sign my Glamorama paperback to “Fuck Ben Stiller.” He was extremely friendly and gracious to all the fans and did not hesitate to let me take his picture holding my sign. Respect.
Peep the video for the new Supergrass track, “St. Petersburg” in glorious Quicktime.
information leafblower is a knife that hasn’t gone on any murderous rampages yet, removes stubborn stains and looks bigger than it really is. What do you get?
Top 50 basslines ever according to Stylus Magazine, part one. All I have to say is there will be hell to pay if either “Rusholme Ruffians” or “Barbarism Begins At Home” (or both) aren’t in part two. [via Largehearted Best]
I hate it when Mark Cuban is right. But he is on point when he says it wasn’t just the government that dropped theball in the Katrina aftermath. The communication from the Red Cross and FEMA could be much better too.
Don’t forget the DCist birthday party tonight! See you at 7 p.m.!

  1. megadork says: September 15, 200511:40 am

    Last nite was so amazing. I am still on a high from him. It was awesome and weird to meet him in person. Wow! Loved your question. I wanted to tell you that afterwards, but couldn’t find you. Will definitely introduce myself at the next Bluestate. You missed my friend Katie who took photos of her kissing Bret on both cheeks. She told him that she was nervous all day about meeting him and that she was planning to post the pics on myspace. He said he would look for them. Anyway, that was the coolest thing ever!!!!

  2. kat says: September 15, 200512:23 pm

    kat is a baseball cap that fits into the boot of a car!

  3. melina says: September 15, 200512:50 pm

    That was some reading! Wow…Autograph AND photo op, w/ signage!
    I think hearing Evan Dando/Lemonheads sing “It’s a Shame about Ray” and The La’s singing “There She Goes” (both live, of course) would complete my world…Those two things, yeah. ;-Þ

  4. lboogie says: September 15, 20051:05 pm

    that is, as you would say, so best

  5. david says: September 15, 20051:08 pm

    This is the literary post of the year, the inscription is priceless.

  6. mattS says: September 15, 20052:41 pm

    If they’re talking riffs as well as lines, part two also should include Duran Duran’s “Rio,” Fishbone’s “Bonin’ in the Boneyard,” and Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al.” At least they got my blog’s namesake in part one.

  7. gorilla says: September 16, 20051:26 pm

    That bass article is okay, they hit a few good ones, but they miss some really important and good stuff. First off where are Paul McCartney, John Entwistle, Larry Graham and Bootsy Collins? Bootsy alone played on sex machine and all the good P-Funk songs — killer basslines.
    I know it’s about the lines not the musicians, but there is far to much electronic gristle here and not enough rock, soul and funk meat.

  8. melina says: September 16, 20053:29 pm

    electronic gristle! (laughing) i’m remembering that one gorilla.

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