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Can You Dig It?

Dammit, life is not fair! This morning I got some news that made me want to put a stainless steel pot on my head, grab a large wooden spoon and start banging the two together as I run around shouting “Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma! Oklahoma!” like Rupert the Monkey Boy.
The Super Furries are opening for Oasis!!! Normally that would be a good thing, but here’s the kicker.
I can’t go.
I have a gig that day, so I’ll be there instead. And so should you!

Long live Sea Ray! [via Chromewaves]
Damon Albarn does his best David Brent impersonation. He is so down with the black peoples.
Hasslebombs, indeed.

  1. melina says: June 10, 20053:57 pm

    nice poster…sfa/oasis conflict: that sucks! but also doesn’t suck w/ cartel, please ask the boys of cartel to consider a west coast tour, dipping down to san diego???

  2. elkay stainless sink says: September 9, 20067:25 am

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