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The Delicate Place

I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t totally feeling Gimme Fiction at first. I thought it was good, but it just didn’t burrow into my brain and refuse to let go like Britt’s tunes usually do. But this weekend, it clicked (just like his records usually do). I’m particularly loving The Delicate Place. I think this record is more of a slow burner that’s gonna get better with time. It’s not as instantly catchy as Kill The Moonlight, but I bet the new tunes are gonna sound great live.
Finally got the new Gorillaz album on Friday and spent most of the weekend listening to it. I don’t think it’s as good as the last record, but that doesn’t mean this record doesn’t have it’s own merits. I’m not a huge Dangermouse fan (especially compared to Dan The Automator) and I think alot of the genre-tripping qualities of the first record left when Dan & Del weren’t on board for this album, but there’s still alot to like. This record is more trip hop focused with lots of lazy beats and slow rhymes. Actually, I think this Pitchfork review nails it quite well. The Dennis Hopper track doesn’t bother me half as much as most of the reviews I’ve read, just FWIW. The album has grown on me alot since the first listen and I imagine it will continue to do so. Has anyone else heard it? What do you think?
I have a bunch of half written album reviews langushing at home on the trusty eMac, I’ll try and get them done and posted later this week. That is after the Doves show tonight and of course bluestate tomorrow.
Also, don’t anyone say one effing word to me about the ,24 season finale since I won’t be able to watch it until possibly Wednesday.
Did you go vote for me today? After hanging around in 5th place for most of Friday, I’ve pretty much been blown off the map now. I take all this with a grain of salt since by my estimations, I probably have one of the three or four lowest readerships of all the blogs invited to participate. But I do think my kicks are the best looking. Since voting will continue throughout the week, I have refocused my energy on a new goal. Beating Coolfer!! Bragging rights will be mine ours! Help me out people. Related: At least someone recognizes the skillz.
Sin City Two! Hella sweet. Thanking the returned and re-energized Golden Fiddle for that tidbit and also this one.
*sigh* Another day, another reason to hate u2.
With the recent #1 charting of Lyla, Oasis has cemented themselves as the most successful British act of the last decade. In other news, Noel says it’s only a matter of time before The Stone Roses reform. I’ll believe it when i see it. WIll they ever tour the US if so? What’s Reni up to these days?
Gawky Jess, the Gothamist Interview. Nice headshot. I guess the lighting wasn’t good enough in this photo. Maybe next time.
Bring back Gabe Kapler!!

  1. tom says: May 23, 20055:54 pm

    how about a screenshot of your design? Nike’s flash thingy won’t work on any of the computers I’ve tried it on.

  2. information leafblower says: May 23, 20056:07 pm

    Ask and ye shall recieve:

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