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Don’t Be A Stranger

Continuing in my long line of overstating the awesome…I think I just pooped my pants!
437-Music-Morrissey.jpgSee the world premiere of Morrissey’s Who Put The “M” In Manchester? in HI DEFINITION and 5.1 Dolby Surround sound in select theatres in the U.S.
Get there early to catch a never-before-seen performance of The Smiths’ classic “How Soon Is Now” ONLY in theatres and not available on the DVD or anywhere else. Experience the first time Morrissey performed the song on the 2004 tour at the Reading Festival in the UK.

Is DC on the short list? Hellz yeah!
Washington DC
Loews Cineplex Rio 18, 9811 Washingtonian Blvd.
Monday, March 28 at 8:30 pm. / $10

Who’s in?
PS – The live version of There Is A Light will be the first single from his live record.
NME to wed Babyshambles! hehehehehe [via Chromewaves]
Oasis to headline V Festival.
Raekwon to drop the sequel to Only Built For Cuban Linx, which is, for my money, the best solo Wu Tang joint.
The Fiery Furnaces are at the 930 Club on Friday, April 8th.
Super Furry Gruff’s Amazon wish list. Actually it’s more like his “these things are cool, you should buy them” list.
This sounds cool. And useful.
Make your own Peeps!
So effing best. [via the DCeiver]
Drool. Apple is selling refurbished G4 iBooks for as little as $650.

  1. brad says: March 8, 20052:22 pm

    And there’s a Boston date! Sweetness, I’m so very there.

  2. lboogie says: March 8, 20052:36 pm

    very cool bluestate poster. those annie remixes were most excellent.

  3. matt says: March 8, 20054:17 pm

    and a chicago one, too!
    cheers for the 411, kyle!

  4. melina says: March 9, 200512:55 am

    and…san diego too (albeit one night later tho…wtf?).
    muchas gracias kyle!

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