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Say My Name!

So I know I said I would hold off on naming new cat until I got him checked out (sometime next week hopefully) but on Monday night his name just hit me and made perfect sense. And unless new cat also has a terminal disease, I’m definitely keeping him, so I might as well get on with it.
Before I got new cat, I had planned to name him PJ, because he would be my cat Post Jarvis and i thought it would be cool to always have a little tribute to Jarvis. Unfortunately after getting new cat, it just didn’t fit him. He’s not really a PJ at all. I had a few other names in mind (Fenway, Cousy, etc.) but a comment Kate left about what she named her fish got me thinking. And when new cat got right up in my face on Monday night and sneezed all over me (snot and all), the lightbulb went off.
New cat’s name is going to be Mister Pink!
It’s so obnoxious! I love it. And EVERYONE else hates it, so I know it’s good. Something about having the word “Mister” in my cat’s name just appeals to me. And yes, I know he’s black and white, but look at his cute little pink nose! New cat talks ALL THE TIME and it kinda reminds me of Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs, always yapping. And guess which version of the DVD I have? The Mr. Pink one, obvs. So it’s settled. Mr. Pink it is! Thanks to everyone that emailed and left comments with your suggestions.
ilb: And you are Mr. Pink.
Mr. Pink: Why am I Mr. Pink?
ilb: Cause you’re a faggot, ok?
Mr. Pink: How about if I’m Mr. Purple? That sounds good to me, I’ll be Mr. Purple.
ilb: You’re not Mr. Purple. Some cat in some other house is Mr. Purple. You’re Mr. Pink!
The best part of living in the iTunes Music Store era? Deciding, upon waking up this morning, that I needed some new music for my commute and logging in and buying three albums in less time than it takes to get in and out of the shower. So hott. I picked up
…Trail of Dead – Worlds Apart
Secret Machines – Now here Is Nowhereicon
Tahiti 80 – Wallpaper For The Soul
More Cowbell drops the Trail of Dead tour dates. Looks like the lads will play the Black Cat this time around. Shame, I quite enjoyed their show last time through town at the 930 club. Mostly because it was half full and I got some amazing photos.
Anti Meat Eater Lad points us to a streaming copy of the new doves album. I listened to the single last night and loved it.
Gorillaz speak!
The Dceiver weighs in on those darn Terp fans. Hard to argue here. I mean look at the aftermath of the riots. Yikes! Although I must state, for the record, that this is pretty damn funny.
Shameless plug. You bitches better be in attendance. Looks like I’m on around 11:30.
SO loving Lifehacker. Check out Gmail as a journal and free ringtones.
Here’s an interesting look at how Sebastian Telfair ended up getting drafted by the Trailblazers at #13 last summer. Good stuff. It all but conforms that there was a deal in place with adidas that made it happen. It also includes a glimpse into how Danny Ainge approaches the draft that I, the basketball dork I am, found v. interesting.
That Pinot Noir is so hot right now. I have to admit I am a Merlot lover, but I know nothing about wines and I did just name my cat Mr. Pink. But I am loving the Bonny Doon they serve over at Iota. That’s good wine.
Lastly, this has been reported widely in the DC area, but it’s worth repeating. The “Going Out Guru’s” over at el WaPo have taken great pride in attempting to downgrade the local blog scene here in DC when it comes to our music tastes and reporting. Last week during their weekly online chat thingy they threw down the gauntlet:
Joe: The one problem I have with many of the local music blogs I’ve read (I won’t name names) is the obsession with indie rock…and only indie rock. Gets boring pretty quickly
So what did they do? They started a blog. And what was one of the first posts they put on said blog? Something about going to see Neko Case in Baltimore. Hello kettle, this is the pot, you’re black. They must have gotten hip to the game though (or are incredibly embarrassed) because apparently they have since taken the post down.
Busted! Thanks for playing, try again.

  1. catherine says: February 16, 20051:37 pm

    they *took the post down*? seriously? how strange. that is truly ridiculous. why do you think so?

  2. information leafblower says: February 16, 20051:42 pm

    If it’s still up, please correct me b/c I didn’t see it.

  3. yummicoco says: February 16, 20052:29 pm

    mr. pink! so cute.

  4. Tigidal says: February 16, 20053:13 pm

    Have you checked out http://www.allofmp3.com instead of draining all that dough on iTunes? Allofmp3 is only $0.02 per MB download so you could have gotten about 25-30 albums for the price you paid for 3. They don’t have all the bands that iTunes does but they are up on a lot of Indie bands. Example… you could have gotten all ones you bought today there. Just a suggestion.

  5. greg says: February 16, 20054:36 pm

    Congrats on Mr. Pink! I’m glad to hear you have a new cat in your life. Reading about Jarvis was so bittersweet, but its good to have a new cat to focus on. Good luck.

  6. Kate says: February 16, 200510:11 pm

    Haha, Mr. Pink.. awesome name! Glad I could help, even if everyone else hates it.

  7. kosmo vinyl says: February 17, 20057:56 am

    I use emusic.com for my instantaneous album download fix. It takes an extra step to add it to iTunes but its cheaper (.22 per track) and one gets DRM free MP3s which can be redownloaded at no extra cost while still a subscriber.
    It’s got many of major indies available, Matador, Parasol, K Records, Anti, Beggars Banquet, Rykodisc, 4AD, etc…

  8. melina says: February 17, 200512:03 pm

    mister pink is such a hot kitty name! meow! i know he’s diggin’ it too.
    also, mucho thanks for blogrolling me kyle.
    i so wish i could catch your show.
    have fun!

  9. Becca says: February 17, 200512:31 pm

    OK, your reasoning that you are naming him Mister Pink because “everyone else hates it” is the best reasoning ever. I do a lot of things for that reason.
    Also, Bonny Doon just has pretty damn good wines in general. Either their 2002 Cab or Shiraz is highly rated (like up in the 90s with the big boys) but still costs under $15.00.

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