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March ’05 Playlist

Don’t Change


Yes, I’m aware this is the third INXS song I’ve put in my playlists since last June. But we’ve already been over that. So suck it.
Download some goodies!
Mylo:In My Arms (mp3) – Go ahead, try and resist nodding your head along to this Bette Davis Eyes sample. I can’t stop listening to this song. I tend to only buy and/or pay attention to one dancey record a year so it looks like this will be it. Does anyone have this full length? Hook a brother up.
Harvey Danger:Pike St./Park Slope (demo) (mp3) – This track took on new significance after I moved to Brooklyn and has been really helpful lately in getting me through some tough times. Sean is a great lyricist (love those Morrissey references) and Jeff’s sparse piano adds just the right amount of background. A maudlin tune that makes me feel better every time I listen to it.
Some others that I had already posted:
Annie:Me Plus One (mp3)
The Go Betweens:Streets Of Your Town (AAC)
Kasabian:Reason Is Treason (live) (mp3)
Gruff Rhys:Rhagluniaeth Ysgafn (mp3) – According to Rough Trade’s website, Gruff’s record has been moved up and will be released on Feb 22nd. SO best. And I’m trying not to think about the show tomorrow at Tonic that I’m missing. For those that are going, Gruff is on at 8 PM. I expect a full report. With pics.
Rudy T to step down? And Kobe has nothing to do with it? Seriously?
Hey Coachella, take yer Bauhaus and shove it. Reading’s got Iron Maiden and the Pixies plus the Foo Fighters AND crappy weather. Beat that, I dare ya! Now just add some Super Furries and I’ll consider booking my ticket.
Bloc Party tour dates.
Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of Richey Edward’s disappearance. It’s also the eight year anniversary of the last good song the Manics wrote.
Matthew J. Peabody. True Playa For Real.
I did not click through, as my Firefix doesn’t seem to like multimedia, but Lindsay has a link to the first episode of the US version of The Office. She says not to get your hopes up.
So best. Lifehacker? Aren’t they opening for Switchfoot? Funny shit. Although I did find this useful.
Did you notice I finally figured out how to update my iPod and Bookshelf listings? Did ya?

  1. Coolfer says: February 2, 200512:08 pm

    Hey, you should make zero apologies for having “Don’t Change” in your playlist. Some INXS songs may qualify as a guilty pleasure (although I think that’s a bad term denotes too much self awareness), but “Don’t Change” is a classic.
    Last good Manics song? Hmm…”Intravenous Agnostic”? Actually, I like “Freedom of Speech Wont’ Feed My Children” quite a bit.
    Time to road trip to NYC: Gruff is playing Tonic tomorrow night.

  2. frank says: February 2, 20053:10 pm

    I actually like the new Manics album a fair bit. Not brilliant, but solid Brit-rock, and James Dean Bradfield still has one of the great rock voices.

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