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Please Explain This To Me

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How in the world does this guy have not one, but two women fight over him? Did I mention that one is the reigning Playmate of the Year? Check it:
A Playboy Playmate accused of karate-kicking the ex-girlfriend of NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia was acquitted Wednesday of a misdemeanor assault charge. According to testimony, Garcia dated Kristen Hine, 32, four or five times but later dropped her for DeCesare, 22. The Playmate of the Year testified Wednesday that Garcia cheated on her with Hine. Nasty phone calls and threatening voice mails followed and culminated in a confrontation Aug. 21 at the Tramp nightclub. Name-calling ensued, and a friend of Hine’s dumped a drink on DeCesare. Each woman had to be restrained. Hine accused DeCesare of grabbing a dance pole and kicking her in the head. DeCesare told the judge that she was dancing on a table when one of Hine’s friends started “coming at me full-force, swinging like a guy.”
Can’t find much about Hine on the web, and since I’m at work, I can’t do much about looking for photos of DeCesare, but there’s always google image search! (borderline NSFW)
Can the race for the ACC Hoops crown be over after four games? Effing unbalanced schedule. In other news, UNC is pretty good this year. Payback’s gon’ be a beatch.
I have no idea what’s wrong with my C’s *cough*4 games under .500*cough* but it’s never good when MoPete drops 37 on ya!
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Make. Joke. Fitness celebrity and television personality, John Basedow has been missing in Phuket, Thailand since the deadly Tsunami devastated the area where he was vacationing on Sunday, December 26th, 2004. [via K-Man]
Thanks to Chromewaves for pointing us to the new Idlewild track over at Scenestars. Pardon me now while I go mutter under my breath about my work computer’s lack of a soundcard.
I totally would have rocked that new Idlewild jernt at iPod Jukebox last night. Instead I rocked that Annie song and some other stuff. Setlists here.
Check out this interview with the mighty Mozzer from the wayback machine in 1984. [thanks L Boogie]
Oasis will play some new tracks when they tour this summer.
Details on the new elbow LP. drool.
I give you the much ballyhooed Bitchfork redesign. The verdict? See the new site, same as the old site.
The Fiddle is back!
The Apple Store of the future. More Apple humor here. [via The Best Janelle and Brooklyn Vegan respectively]
An open letter to all DC radio stations.

  1. Bryan says: January 14, 200511:22 am

    What’s more disturbing than two super hot women fighting over this guy is the fact that he’s at a Hispanic Scholarship Fund event. What’s he doing there? He’s as hispanic as Jerry Garcia and Christina Aguilera combined.

  2. btezra says: January 14, 200512:20 pm

    ~us bald guys get all the ladies, don’t know that…~

  3. Anon says: January 14, 200512:36 pm

    What part don’t you get? Gee, let’s see, he’s a wealthy famous athlete. Isn’t that pretty much the type that playmates with fakies go for? Unfortunately for you, unemployed bloggers who live in their parents’ basement are at bottom of the food chain.

  4. information leafblower says: January 14, 20052:01 pm

    If blogging doesn’t get you laid then WTF am I doing here? Fuck!

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