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Jarvis The Cat
2/2004 – 1/2005
I just got back from the vet’s office. We had to put Jarvis down. He had a case of FIP and they gave him only another week or so to live. I don’t know what to say, but I feel like I should say something.
The fourth night I had Jarvis, I went to see the Pixies at DAR Constitution Hall. When I got up that morning, as I usually do, I played with Jarvis for little bit before I got in the shower. After I got out and got dressed for work, I went upstairs to check my email and the weather. When I came back downstairs I couldn’t find Jarvis anywhere, but I was running late so I couldn’t wait around and look for him much longer. I got home after 1 AM that night and expected him to greet me when I walked in the door. When he didn’t, I got worried. I looked everywhere for him but still I couldn’t find him. Half an hour later, at the end of my rope, I called my friend Elizabeth (who had gone to the show with me) and she suggested I check the drawers in my closet(literally the only place that I hadn’t looked). So I opened my t-shirt drawer and Jarvis popped his head out. He had been in there all day with the drawer closed! But it didn’t even phase him. He hopped out and started rubbing up against me, seemingly saying “Dude! Where you been? Let’s play!” He was good like that.
I had a sinking feeling that last night would be our last together. He spent most of it under my bed, recovering from being poked and prodded at the vet’s. So I left him alone for the most part, but before I turned in, I lay on the floor – half under the bed and half not – and had a long conversation with him while petting him. He kept kissing my hand the whole time. I swear he knew what was going on. Cats aren’t stupid. Far from it. I’d like to think that he was telling me that it wasn’t my fault. At least I hope that’s how he felt. I only had Jarvis for 47 days. It seemed like alot more.
Rest In Peace Little Jarvis. I hope you are in a better place.
Sincere thanks to Elizabeth, who was nice enough to accompany me to the vets office and help me through this ordeal, and to everyone that sent in their thoughts and prayers for Jarvis.
Eyes they open wide
Eyes they open wide
I like the way it was
Hate the way it is now

  1. Torr says: January 20, 20059:00 pm

    This is the saddest thing I’ve ever read. I don’t know what I’d do if one of my cats died.

  2. mattS says: January 20, 20059:36 pm

    Man, I’m really sorry. We’ll all raise a glass to Jarvis tonight.

  3. Dylan says: January 20, 20059:38 pm

    I’m sorry to hear that, man. He was lucky to have someone like you to take care of him in his last days.

  4. frank says: January 20, 20059:44 pm

    aw man, I’m sorry for you and Jarvis. Deepest condolences.

  5. DCeiver says: January 20, 20059:59 pm

    KG, man, I’m so sorry. Try to remember that humanely putting Jarvis to sleep was the right thing to do, and that if he didn’t have you in his life, he would have been less happy.

  6. b says: January 20, 200510:30 pm

    i’m sooooooo sorry, hon.

  7. Kanishka says: January 20, 200510:43 pm

    By far, the worst, saddest news of the day. Hope you get through it okay. Take care.

  8. hm jones says: January 20, 200511:21 pm

    godspeed, jarvis.

  9. shmedd says: January 21, 200512:51 am

    I agree with Torr. Saddest post ever. ILB: our (mine and Toto’s) thoughts are with you

  10. melina says: January 21, 20051:50 am

    oh, tears filled my eyes as soon as the page loaded and i read your news. i am so sorry to hear that jarvis is gone. i love cats, and i lost my beloved penelope last year in a coyote attack.
    it hurts so bad to lose anyone that means so much to you. it’s cliche, but i am glad jarvis didn’t have to suffer too long. you did the right thing.

  11. bacon says: January 21, 20052:07 am

    Dude, I read your site often, hardley ever comment. Jarvis looks just like my kitty Lucy. My condolences.

  12. solace says: January 21, 20053:32 am


    really bummed to hear about Jarvis

    amazing how much you can get attached to a pet in such a short period of time. i’ve only had my cat Arthur, since September, but i can’t imagine my life without him honestly. (granted i’d probably sneeze way less ;))

  13. Kristen says: January 21, 20054:23 am

    I’m very sorry about Jarvis. I will hug my babies extra tight tonight for Jarvis.

  14. sw says: January 21, 20055:02 am

    oh no. i am so, so very sorry to hear this. i was holding out hope that it would just be a fluke. my condolences. losing a pet is so hard.

  15. catherine says: January 21, 20058:03 am

    kyle, i’m so sorry. i imagine this is probably one of the hardest things you’ve had to do in a while. my thoughts are with you, and just give me a call if you need anything.

  16. Uncle Grambo says: January 21, 20058:22 am

    Leaf … my condolences, yo.

  17. brad says: January 21, 20059:08 am

    Kyle… I’m so so sorry.
    First round’s on me when I’m down there next month.

  18. mr g says: January 21, 20059:44 am

    condolances…take care, yo.

  19. conrad says: January 21, 200511:33 am

    i’m sorry, kyle.

  20. jenny says: January 21, 200511:57 am

    i’m sorry for your lost.

  21. Dumbek says: January 21, 20051:16 pm

    I’m really sorry, Kyle. Hang in there.

  22. Steve says: January 21, 20052:10 pm

    My deepest sypathies.

  23. brennan says: January 21, 20053:07 pm

    All the best, Kyle. I’ll buy you a drink next time I’m home.

  24. cody says: January 21, 20053:19 pm

    kyle, i don’t really know what to say, but i feel like i should say something. it’s a very hard, difficult thing. the love you had for jarvis came through to everyone who reads this site. in the end, i think you did everything you could do to help him, and to hear you tell it, he did the same for you. it’s tough, and hopefully time will make it clear that that kind of love doesn’t end.

  25. cdub says: January 21, 20053:37 pm

    so sorry to hear about jarvis man….deepest condolences….

  26. em says: January 21, 20054:02 pm

    so so sorry, dude. i know what you’re going through. hang in.

  27. Vin says: January 21, 20054:07 pm

    Just happened across your blog, and it seems that it’s a pretty bad day for it… My condolences. When we had to put our little cat down a few years ago it was just brutal. (On a very practical note, don’t forget to eat and sleep. I wandered in a daze for forty eight hours or so and I think that not taking care of myself actually made the whole thing even worse.)

  28. Castor says: January 21, 20054:27 pm

    A sad tale about your pal but you did the right thing. Best wishes for him and to you.

  29. chris says: January 21, 20054:44 pm

    cool cats are what make the world go round. RIP.

  30. claybird says: January 21, 20054:58 pm

    Really sorry for you man. Glad it was as peaceful as possible. I’ll give T-Bone a snort of catnip in J’s honor.

  31. Julie says: January 21, 20055:41 pm

    I already called you but I wanted you to know that I am really sorry about Jarvis.

  32. sacha says: January 21, 20056:49 pm

    this is the first time a blog has made me cry.
    so sorry for your loss but so happy for the love jarvis brought you.

  33. Brett says: January 21, 20057:12 pm

    Sorry to hear about your loss man, hope ya feel better

  34. greg says: January 21, 20057:27 pm

    I’m so sorry for your loss. It is always so hard to say goodbye to a loved one. You’re lucky you at least had that opportunity. I didn’t and I would’ve given just about anything to have it. RIP Jarvis, you’ll always live on in memories…

  35. kev says: January 22, 20051:08 am

    really bummed – sorry for your loss, man.

  36. sarah says: January 22, 200510:43 am

    so sorry for your loss.

  37. Mark Krugman says: January 22, 20058:55 pm

    i send my condolences

  38. stuntshow says: January 23, 20053:13 am

    Sorry to hear about your loss man; like a previous comment from bacon, I visit your site regularly (daily, to tell you the truth) and enjoy every second of it, but hardly comment.
    Your work on here is appreciated and with my love of animals at the forefront, it is with sad eyes that you have said goodbye to Jarvis the Cat. You obviously had a special connection even though your time was brief.
    All the best..

  39. Coolfer Glenn says: January 23, 20052:48 pm

    So sad. I’m sorry, Kyle. I never got to meet Jarvis, but I know he was a helluva cat.
    This afternoon, I’ll drink a cerveza (or six) in his memory.

  40. Kriston Capps says: January 24, 20059:55 am

    Sorry to hear about your cat, Kyle.

  41. rita_book says: January 24, 200511:57 am

    So sorry for you and Jarvis.
    Books that may help you feel slightly better:
    The Tenth Good Thing About Barney
    Cat Heaven
    Yep, they’re kids’ books, but they might help you get through this a little easier.
    Wishing you peace.

  42. gorilla says: January 24, 200512:08 pm

    Sorry man, and may the no buzz fairy cross your path no more.

  43. Lauren says: January 24, 20054:05 pm

    a few days late, but *HUGS*. that’s so sad. :(

  44. abe says: January 24, 20057:15 pm

    We who chose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.

  45. Becca says: January 25, 200512:32 pm

    I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose a pet. Especially a kitty as cool as Jarvis seemed to be. But you loved him well, and that is important.

  46. daniel says: July 24, 200510:58 pm

    sorry about it! i lost 3 cats, they died by eating poison… i have one now

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