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…Jaded former indie rock fan gets free ticket to see Brooklyn indie band perform, loves it…Writes about it on his blog the next day…More news to follow….
Last night began at the manhattan local, the East 4th Street bar, to catch the Kings v. Cavs tilt with Coolfer. The Kings played like poop but pulled it out in the end. Luckily for them, no LeBron last night. After the game we headed to the AIR record release party but decided it wasn’t worth getting frostbite while waiting in line. BTW, that’s a good strategy for getting people to go buy your records…making them wait in line in sub-zero tempratures to get into a stuffy, chi-chi club so you can find out all the free beer is gone after an hour. Losers.
searay.jpgAgainst my better judgement, Coolfer convinced me to walk from the Bowery over to Sin-E on Attorney Street. Need less to say, when we finally got there i was not in a good mood, being half frozen and all. We were there to catch Brooklyn based Sea Ray and I left the show very glad that I came.
What a great band! Imagine Coldplay if they were, you know, cool, only with their Echo & the Bunnymen influences played up more, kind of like Wheat during their more introspective tunes. Their Verve and Ride/shoegazer influences were also apparent. Correct me if I am wrong, but Sea Ray may be the only band that has a permanent cellist in the band and not seem one bit sappy because of it. I haven’t seen a band this good in quite some time. The singer sounds like Damon Albarn, and suprisingly, this is not a bad thing. Extra cool points because their drummer looks like James Blake before he cut his hair.
Yo, I am extremely jaded on new music now a days, a fact Glamorama enjoys caling me out on, but I was really impressed with this band. I’m not sure how long they have been together, but they sound like they’ve been playing together for years. I see big, big things for this band.
Right now I am streaming the Sea Ray album from their website. When you click on “listen to the whole album here”, a new window with the image of an iPod comes up and you use that to play the album. Too cool!
Sea Ray from Brooklyn, NY is officially endorsed by information leafblower! Check them out!
FYI – the photo above used without kind permission from Jennyk.com. Some amazing shots on that sight, click through for more.
By now I’m sure you’ve hard that Bruce Ratner was successful in his attempt to purchase the Nets. Before everyoine gets too excited about the Nets moving to Brooklyn, check this out:
This generation of sports media has been around long enough to know one thing: Any move of a franchise, accompanied by a plan to build a new arena, is about one, and only one, thing – making a handful of rich people even richer…Watch the media coverage of this story very closely. A man like Ratner is powerful – a friends-in-high-places kind of guy. Ratner is in partnership with The New York Times on the construction of a new Times office building.The Times’ coverage of this whole Ratner/Nets/Brooklyn thing – including sports columns – has been less than balanced.
Bruce Ratner’s plan to bring the Nets to Brooklyn as the anchor of a $2.3-billion project will cost New Yorkers hundreds of millions for infrastructure improvements, payouts to displaced residents and possible tax breaks, a source familiar with the deal said Thursday.Officials estimate that widening local streets and installing new sewers and utility conduits alone will cost the city between $150 million and $180 million.
For Ratner, city promises of financial aid may have been the deal-maker.
In talks just before the Brooklyn developer agreed on the final details of a contract to buy the NBA team for $300 million, he told the Wall Street bankers negotiating the deal that he was assured of some municipal economic assistance, people involved in the sale process said.
During the protracted bidding negotiations, the people said, Ratner insisted on being compensated for losses of tens of millions of dollars the lame-duck team is expected to incur over the next two seasons in New Jersey while he pushes the Brooklyn project forward.

Ask the people of Charlotte…no one spends any money to support a team that is moving to another town. Even a playoff team. New Jersey already ranks near the bottom of the NBA in attendance. If you think the crowds are sparse now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
You’ll forgive the Celtics squad if they think this is a holiday or something. See, they haven’t played a game in two whole days! The last time that happened was Thanksgiving and again at Christmas. By the time the All Star break comes around, they will have played 56 of their 82 games, most in the NBA. This season hasn’t been the best of times, with the Vin Baker situation and all, but at least rookie Marcus Banks is showing some steadily improving play. He looks like the teams PG of the future more and more each game.
Don’t even think I forgot about Duke going to Maryland and coming away with a W for the first time in 3 years. Losses this week by Wake and UNC mean the ACC standings are shaping up quite nicely for Blue Devil fans.
Ryam Adams falls down, goes boom.
Pitchfork gets around to breaking news about the Ted Leo DVD I reported about LAST WEEK!
Roc-a-Fella Damon Dash is sick and tired of being called Posh Spice’s friend. I’m glad he doesn’t have other things to worry about.
On of the members of Jethro Tull had a sex change operation. Seriously.
There has been a dart of Chucky P news lately, but I am happy to report that his much talked about short story, Guts, will be published by Playboy in March. Playboy, buy it for the boobies, read it for some Chucky P!
All the modern things / Have always existed
They’ve just been waiting / To come out
And multiply / And take over
It’s their turn now…