— information leafblower

I don’t want to waste your time, I just want to say…

Well, it’s a bittersweet day here at information leafblower headquarters. It is time to reveal the matters of personal interest that have been consuming so much of my time in the last few weeks. So here is the buzz:
On February 10th I will be moving back home to the North Cackalack. I’m doing this in part because I can’t seem to find gainful employment in NYC, but mostly because my girlfriend and I, via mutual decision, have decided to end our relationship of five years. Damn, time fucking flies when you’re having fizz. Just as bad, if not worse, is that I’m also losing kitty. Molly and I actually broke up a few months ago but are just now telling everyone.
So to recap my 2003: tear ACL playing soccer, have ACL surgery, unable to walk for two months, get laid off 4 days after ACL surgery, unemplyed and broke for most of the year, break up with girlfriend (& kitty).
If that was a country song, no one would listen to it.
Needless to say most of our friends were/are shocked. Apologies to those that didn’t receive the news from me in person. I’ve been trying to clue everyone in but of course some people are going to be left out. This was not intentional.
This whole experience has been unlike any other break up I’ve ever had to deal with because 1) we still live together and 2) we are still friends. Molly and I still hang out alot and have fun together and I have no doubt that we will be friends for a long time after this is all over. For that I am extremely thankful.
It’s also strange getting together with my friends now because every time we hang out I wonder if that will be the last time I will see them. Well, the world is much smaller nowadays and it’s not that hard to keep in touch. Hint hint.
Moving away from the Big Apple is sad in many respects but I was here for seven fun filled years and it’s time to move on. I need a change badly and a change of scenery will (hopefully) do the most good. I’ve always said I wasn’t going to live in NYC forever, so I guess there’s no time like the present get going on that. I am ready to drive to work and have closets in my apartment that actually are wide enough to hang clothes in.
As for the immediate future, it’s all about packing and getting rid of the things I won’t need once I’m back down below the Mason Dixon line. Molly and I are heading to Boston next weekend to see the Super Furry Animals for one last glorious blowout. We’ll see the Super Furries again the following Monday in NYC and then pack everything up the next day and I’ll hit the road. Loading the moving truck up with all the snow on the ground should be fun. I’ll be back at my parent’s house near Charlotte until I can find a gig somewhere, hopefully Atlanta.
So next week I will be on an abbreviated publishing schedule. The following week I’ll be moving so I’m not sure when I’ll be back online after the 10th.
Sorry if this melodramatic, but it’s something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while.
Thanks for listening.
and i know that
what is here will not be here much longer
unless we alter what we have
or alter what we don’t have / what we won’t have
what we’ve never seemed to have
what we try to have / we fail to have
and all of this was just so we won’t
stay the same / if we can’t be the same
we won’t stay the same
our similar thoughts will never let us
stay the same / if we can’t be the same
we won’t stay the same
just because we think we are the same